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What is Fire Stopping? 

Fire stopping is the process of sealing gaps and

holes caused by building services, usually this is

needed when cables and pipework are added to

the building.Buildings are separated into fire

compartments. This is usually achieved by

incorporating fire rated walls, ceilings and fire doors.

The purpose of these compartments is to restrict the

spread of fire, allowing enough time for people to

escape and for the emergency services to arrive.

When building services such as cable and pipework

are added to the building, breaches are created.

Fire stopping is the process of sealing those

breaches and reinstating the integrity of the

buildings fire walls and ceilings.

Fire Stopping Surveys

Pyrodec carry out comprehensive site surveys. The purpose of the survey is to identify breaches within the fire wall/ceiling and determine the required fire penetration sealing system. The surveys will include images of all existing penetrations and document the location. This survey can be used as a fire stopping register.

Each penetration will receive its own unique breach identification number for future reference along with recommendations on the required fire stopping sealant to reinstate the buildings fire integrity. All quotations and recommendations will be carried out to an achieve minimum of 60 minute fire rating unless otherwise specified by the client.

Installation and Third Party Accreditation

Pyrodec are accredited through the FIRAS certification scheme. We are accredited to provide and install fire penetration sealing systems. Third Party accreditation confirms that Pyrodec has demonstrated compliance with industry standards, assuring all our clients that the works carried out is correct to specification and will provide the required fire protection.

Contact us today to arrange a fire stopping survey for your premises. If you already know what fire protection you need, contact us to arrange a free no obligation quote.
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